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Finally Android 10 Is coming very soon...😍😍😍😍
Can Anyone tell about One UI 2.0 for Samsung S10 plus.When it is released for S10 plus????
I am very very disappointed from samsung i have their latest flagship model s10 plus but till date no march security update samsung is not doing well in giving updates timely 😞😞
I am very disappointed from samsung i have flagship s9 plus but no feb security patch update till date.Very very disappointed from the side of samsung atleast they have to give timely updates too their flagship models but they always delay in giving ...
Facing a very big issur in my s9 plus dat is the very fast Draing while Using phone sometymes its 15% battery to 0% Drain in just 5 minutes..i dnt knw wat to doo😕😕😕😕