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New update is available for s9 users. Click on software update now..
hi there..I'm using galaxy s9 and there is the option or white little box used to come whenever I play videos on Amazon prime or hulu, to enlarge the screen ratio to full until I resets my phone..can somebody help me regarding this issue? and it also...
Hi guys, the new software update is here for galaxy s9 and maybe for s9 plus..I know, we all s9 and s9plus users are expecting the ui2.0 update but don't worry,we'll get that soon..
One would say, in today's era, what makes the word go around? I say these beautiful cutting edge smartphones. When I was a child, I always fantasize a galaxy phone. Samsung always brings the beauty with Brain and now I hold the galaxy s9 bought with ...
Hi anyone will be able to download the new version of play store? I'm using s9 and whenever I check with play store it says, your play store is up to date...