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Hey, Today I have received a great battery life on my Samsung S20+ Exynos Variant. I have attached a screenshot below,
Hey there see these images and decide whether the images are awesome or not.From my perspective one of the best HDR I have seen in any device (Also used iPhone 11 Pro, Google Pixel 3 and Oneplus 8 Pro).When compared to these phones only iPhone can be...
Hey, Hope you all doing well these days. Many people complain about exynos 990 and want to get snapdragon 865 variant but it's not always true that Snapdragon is Surely Better.In this post, I will give you all the Benchmark results and Battery Life r...
Hey, Here I would let you know many things regarding the Samsung S20 Series and Some of the Tips will be adequately applicable to the other Devices.First of all you need performance but the major issue with samsung flagship is heating and its obvious...
These are some best shots I have taken in different festival and season.All the Shots are Captured by Samsung Galacy Note 8.Outdoor Lightning ConditionMixed Lighting ConditionArtificial Lighting ConditionThank You