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Yesterday I mistakenly deleted some of my photos from my phone's "My files". My phone model is Samsung Galaxy M30. Unfortunately in this model Samsung doesn't keep recycle bin in "My files"so my question is is there any chances to retrieve my pictu...
I am feeling very unlucky to buy "m" series. No knox security,no quick share,no secure folder,no good lock,no screen recorder,late update even "My files settings". Look at the difference between "a" and "m". I have nothing no cloud accounts,no recycl...


Getting one ui 3.0 phone list is released. Unfortunately m30 is not listed ( Is there any chance to get this update at m30?) But my question is how many times I have to use one ui 2.0? When I get al least one ui 2.5? 
Is it Samsung default app lock?How do I use it as I can lock my software?
How can I use this live caption feature in my Samsung m30? Samsung have this feature built in but I don't get it in my phone.