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True friends are never appart maybe in distance but never in heart!!I made this poem on suggestion of imprompt . But I have really pushed in my feelings in this one.
I Got my tablet a few months ago I was exploring through it when I found this app called Samsung members and thought "What is this never seen this app before" what could I do, I didn't know what it was and I was scared this app was bad. So one day I ...
Hey guys I have a question 😁Note - This question is not so important so don't waste your time here if you don't wanna!Is anyone there in Scratch ? Scratch is a program where a person learns to code. If you don't know scratch go to this site - scratc...
Hey was thinking of posting something more so.... Here is my latest art and poemMy poem!Dark colours used hereYay I love this oneArt is the besttt