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Does battery drain more on standby on lower percentages?Eg. If i go to sleep with my phones on 60 70%, approx 2% drops untill i wake up. But if i go to sleep with my phone below 30%. More battery is drained on standby. Is it normal?
Hello all samsunf A31 users. How much screen on time do you get for your battery from 100 to 0%? Thanks
Hello, i have been using samsung A31 for a couple of weeks and it has a minimal lag during animations, closing and opening apps. Not anything serious but it feels when you notice. Feels like a software problem. Is there any permanent solution for it....
Ive been using samsung A31 for almost 2 weeks now i have some concerns over my battery. As per the reviews i saw, the battery is supposed to last 1.5 day with normal social media and average dsily use. I usually charge my battery to 70 to 80 percent ...
Cpu temp 33 to 35Battery temp 33 to 35Are these normal? Or should i worry.Samsung A31