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I got new android 11 Update with Ui 3, feeling happy, its so cool, Thx Samsung.
I wants to know why Samsung so late to give updates there phones, now im using Samsung galaxy z fold 2, n my security pach updated on October, I got that updates on November 25, now still not yet get any updates, I wants to change my phone company bu...
Hi Samsung, I want 2 ask about android 10 update, when will get new android 10 update on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Thank You.
Still waiting for the pie update huh that much late, already said 19 February will get, now 21 February, is that fake news??????
Hi, Samsung. Im still waiting for the pie update on my not 8 exynos v'sion, pls pls pls tell me when i will get my update, many ppl already got there update why i not yet get??? Im excited about one ui, so pls pls pls do something 4 me. Thank you.