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Hi Samsung, Please Add Option of ADAPTIVE MOTION SMOOTHNESS to Auto Switch to SCREEN REFRESH Rate for Automatic Smooth Scrolling in SAMSUNG A34 5G Soon.Its Required.Need Adaptive Screen Refresh Rate for Automatic Switch to Standard to High & Vice-...
Hi Samsung, Need Handy Samaung Smartphone with Compact Design for Easy to Carry in Pocket & Hold in Hand for Longer Use. F14 5G - 6.6 inch very larger, more wide & very Bulkier.
Hi Guys, Kindly Share Your Opinion,Samsung A34 5G vs Samsung M34 5GA34 5G vs M34 5G.M34 5G vs F34 5G.Which One Device will be Good & Better for Longer Use may be upto (6) years with well optimized Smoother UI experience without Heat & Lag Problem. (N...
Hey Samsung, Samsung Should Launch 5G Variant (Version) of its Most Popular Samsung A50, A50s & A40 SmartPhone Soon in Same Size & Light weight as they are actual in 4G. These are Pretty Good SmartPhone with Justified Size to Fit in Hand & Pocket eas...
I Have Used... 1. Samsung A50, 2.Samsung J7 Pro 3. Samsung J7 Nxt 4. SamsungF32  5. Samsung S21 FE ( Fan Edition) Samsung Most Flagship Series.  I Love Samsung A50 & S21 FE with Osm Playback without Lag. Samsung S & A Series are Good with Best Hardwa...