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Samsung routine app should have an option for miss call always on..We shld able to setup routine.. If condition.. does not have option for miss call..only as a incoming call..Then i wanted to activate always on..This will be very useful..
In gallary app we can see album now in album we wanted to select images date wise..there is no option..it sorted date wise and ascending decending and all but date should be sub heading..so once I select date..it should select all the images of that ...
Bixby routine display on while charging not working properly..some time it shows sometime it forget to work..i think there is some bug in it..When I manually on and off the routine it start working..so i need to manually chabge on and off qhen i char...
Why there are apps from facebook on a50 mobile..I cannot uninstall from my mobile..Most untrustable facebook..they steal our data..and they never delete data..why those personal info stealer apps cannot be removed?
Glance lock screen pictures many time looks awesome..when we take a screenshot of it..it comes as a blackout...Samsung can you please fix it..it should be normal instead blackout..