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It would be great to have an option on the media player to toggle between devices that can play the music. Rather than going into settings and changing the devices
We must get better AR Emojis and the AR Emoji Stickers, currently the stickers sre life posters rather than looking like stickers.Please make them mujhe better so that we can use them actually
It would be great to have a feature where phone automatically turns of wireless charging at night and turns on couple of hours before before the time i wake up. So, that by the time I wake up I can see that my phone is fully charged. This will reduce...
It would be great to have a feature to have scrolling to left and right option in the notification panel instead of pulling down the entire notification bar to access the other main buttons that are set in the first page of the notification bar.
I would be great we can a demo notification popping up while we are toggling between the two notification options Which is in the screenshot attached