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Any idea when will the watch be launched in India and what will be the pricing?
Now it is the time for Samsung to give us potrait mode from the main camera instead of telephoto camera lens in S9+. As the telephoto lens is f2.4 at night the potraits aren't too much good and you can take better shot with f1.5. So we need the optio...
It's finally time for samsung to step up the game for game launcher like adding few more features to itThe most needed feature is block third party calls like the regular phone calls. This should be implemented pretty soon as it annoys a lot of peopl...
Hey guys, I have a question that is there any feature in game mode which blocks calls from third party apps like whatsapp, google duo while playing games? It is very irritating when someone calls you via WhatsApp or duo even when game launcher is on
I want a honest review for the buds. Are they worth the money? Do you feel the noise when driving? Do they fall out of the ear? Pls give me an honest review.