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The cursor is not moving seamlessly in samsung calculator . Previosuly it do but after the latest update of may its not working properly.My phone is samsung galaxy s21 fe 5g.
I think that there should also be a biometric lock on opening of samsung wallet.It will become more secure after doing this.What you all think of it?
I think that the samsung find my device feature is good enough but it should be enhanced a little bit more.To do this I have an opinion that it should also be able to find the phone even it is switched off.Please raise this post . 
Whenever I turn on the mobile data in 5G it takes nearly 10 seconds to turn on but 4g turns on lightning fast.And sometimes it I fastly turned off and then turned it on within a second it is not able to turn on .The symbol is blue but mobile data is ...
When I first opened my s21 fe it showed complete name as samsung galaxy s21 fe 5g but now whenever I restart it , it only shows samsung galaxy and the phone name is not showing.However when I tried this on my s20 fe it is showing complete name as sam...