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I think the Galaxy store have so many bugs. Because sometimes it'll be crash automatically. Sometimes it can't open. Sometimes network going slow when I'm using Galaxy store(I can play YouTube video at the same time). Is that an issue of my phone or ...
Guys... I losted contacts in my phone after reset. I saved it on my Samsung account. But it can't be restored. What can I do?
Guys,My Galaxy a20s going slow when I'm calling. I didn't get the calling interface in normal speed.I tried to solve this like reset,restart etc. But I can't.My phone's camera,Gallery and contacts have the same issue(even this Samsung members app)Wha...
My galaxy a20s have less features in camera department.There is no slow motion,hyper lapse,Ultra HD,4K etc....What can I do?Shall I get this in some software updates?
Guys,Why Samsung avoid the Galaxy a20s.They announced one ui 3.0.But my a20s stuck in 2.0.Why they didn't give regular software updates?Anyone know about this?