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I don't know what's wrong with the digital wellbeing app. According to it, I used WhatsApp for 10h 56m  , but i used my phone only for 10h 48m. Both of these are wrong and I actually used my phone for 6h 49m. Also, the digital wellbeing app doesn't ...
I'm able to see the battery usage graph for few days.Hope Samsung fixes this soon along with the other minor issues.
Another issue after installing the OneUI 3 update. The navigation bar is not closing while playing games. Hope this issue is fixed in the next update alongside the one-handed mode issue.
Noticed a bug after the OneUI 3 update that when using one handed mode a part of the wallpaper turns black.
Android 11 has a built in screen recording feature. But Samsung has not included this in their latest OneUI 3.0 update. So here are 2 ways in which you can record screen without downloading an app.1) GAME LAUNCHER: Samsung has a built-in app called g...