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Hello, Is anyone experiencing weird noise while on calls from the ear speaker on Galaxy ZFold 4?Could it be a software issue with equalization? Or a hardware issue?Is this covered by warranty it it is a hardware issue?
It would be really helpful if shared notes in Samsung notes gives the possibility for members to edit shared notes and not just the leader of the members. Cause sharing with read only is almost useless when trying to create common to do lists, grocer...
Hello, it would be nice to have an options for recently added contacts for a couple of days.Given that in meetings you may add several contacts and might forget the names added. It helps to track them back.Thank you,Regards to All
Galaxy note phones are great phones; however, need to make more use of the pen.Enhancing notes is very important. Need to have an option to draw shapes. Ideal shapes, squares, tables, rectangles, triangles, circles, straight lines, etc...Predictive d...