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Mene kar diya apki bari.
My friends for last 2 months we are waiting for updates i am also a A50 user and i also eagerly waiting for updates but after 10th may i realized that company will not give any updates and i am continously telling the other users that do not wait for...
I wanf to say to all a50 users please stop wasting your time on this platform you will never receive any updates today and in future so stop wasting time asking questions about te updates just accept a50 devices will never receive any updates.
My friends Samsung will not give any type of updates today and even in future to indian clients so don't expect anything we our wasting our time in asking about the updates if the company is genuinely serious on this issue they had released the updat...
My friends I want to say that please stop asking about any types of updates on this platform Samsung will not provide any updates wheater it is a security or android 10 updates so my friends accept this fact and move on and if you want to switch to a...