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Watch 6 caller ID issue

(Topic created on: 01-24-2024 10:26 PM)
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When I get an incoming call, the caller namr doesnt show only the number. While on my phone the name is displayed properly. When I checked the call log on the watch, I saw that there are no names at all, only numbers are showing, anyone can help please?
Galaxy Watch 6 Classic
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To resolve the issue of missing caller names on your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, try these steps:

1. **Sync Contacts:**
- Ensure that your contacts are synced properly between your phone and watch.
- Open the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone, go to "Settings," and check if "Contacts" syncing is enabled.

2. **Permissions:**
- Make sure that the Galaxy Wearable app on your phone has the necessary permissions to access your contacts.
- Check the app settings on your phone and grant permission if needed.

3. **Reconnect Devices:**
- Disconnect and reconnect your Galaxy Watch from the Galaxy Wearable app.
- Restart both your phone and the watch, then pair them again.

4. **Software Update:**
- Ensure that both your phone and Galaxy Watch have the latest software updates installed.

5. **Check Caller ID Settings:**
- On your Galaxy Watch, go to "Settings," then navigate to "Connections" and check "Call" settings. Ensure that the Caller ID feature is enabled.

6. **Reset Call Log:**
- On your Galaxy Watch, clear the call log and see if the issue persists. Sometimes, outdated or corrupted call log data can cause display problems.

If the problem continues, consider contacting Samsung Support for further assistance or checking community forums for similar issues and solutions.
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Thanks, I tried all the steps but nothing changed issue still persist
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Try :
- Clear Galaxy Store Cache and Data ( Launch the Settings > Apps > Galaxy store > storage > clear Cache and Data ).

- From Galaxy store click on gear icon and about Galaxy store and check for updates.

- Please check if the network (mobile network or Wi-Fi) is connected successfully and try again.

- If the same error persists, please contact us by attaching the system log data through Galaxy Store. To do this, please follow these steps.
Step 1. Open Galaxy Store and tap on the “Menu” option.
Step 2. On this screen, tap on the settings icon and select the option “Contact us”.
Step 3. Tap on the “Error reports” menu to resolve the problem with our help.