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on7 prime, for last two months all internet facing apps hanging.

(Topic created on: 02-05-2020 07:34 PM)
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I have on7 prime mobile. For last two months, all internet facing apps hanging . I can open once , but next time it hangs and thn have to restart phone. I have to restart 10-20 times in a day. I confirmed more than 20 %ram, storage available.  This has frustrated me and thinking to buy any chinese mobile.

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Hi there,


Low internal memory can result application hanging issue. Samsung recommends having sufficient internal memory free in the device

To resolve the issue please follow the below mentioned steps:

1.Check the proper internet connectivity in your device via settings>connection>mobile network>Network mode is set to LTE/3G. You can also check by wifi connection too.
2- Settings> app>3 dots/more option>show system app>search for particular app>Clear cache>force stop.

3.Reset Settings (Settings > General Management > Reset > Reset Settings)

For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung members app(Open Samsung members app>click on “+“icon>send feedback>Error report/ Ask Questions).


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