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Most of Us faces the issue of Low Network or Network congestion, Call Drops, especially in Basement or Closed areas where Network Strength is nill or very poor and because of that we miss lots of calls and not able to call someone.
For this we have a solution now in INDIA, called Wi-Fi Calling or Vo-WiFi or Voice over WiFi.

I'll try my best to explain WiFi Calling and if you still have any questions make sure to comment down below, will try answer your questions.

What is Vo-WiFi?
WiFi calling isn't a new feature, it's there in different part of world already and finally Operators in India (Airtel ans Jio) have launched this service.
WiFi calling uses a Broadband or WiFi connection to make calls or recieve calls over WiFi connected to your Device rather than using your Mobile Network.


How Does it Work and what are the requirements?
As mentioned above, Most Importantly a Supported Device which is updated to latest Software, a 4G Sim of Supported Operator (Airtel and Jio in India) and need to be connected to a WiFi Network.
It will use your wifi connection to make or receive seamless and HD calls over the internet with clear voice.

Which Network Operators Supports Vo-WiFi?
As mentioned above, Currently in India there are only two operators that have launched Wifi Calling.
¤ AIRTEL       ¤ Reliance JIO
The operator supports different different sets of Samsung Smartphones. 

How Much Does it cost or Do we Need Special Subscription Plan to use VoWiFi?
The answer is No. You don't need special subscription or recharge to use VoWiFi.
The only requirement is active WiFi Connection and Active plan on your supported 4G SIM. 
It doesn't cost anything extra or no additional app is required.

Do We Need Broadband of Same Operators as of My SIM card Operator?
No, the Broadband or WiFI provider can be different as of your SIM or Network Operator.

How To Activate WiFi Calling on your Samsung Smartphones?
1. Most Important Thing Update your Device to latest Software.
2. Go to your Samsung Android Device's Settings.
3. Connections.
4. Mobile Networks
5. Set Network Mode to 4G and activate VoLTE calls.
6. Go Back to Connections in Settings.
7. Enable WiFi Calling.


Which All Samsung Devices Supports WiFi Calling?
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Series (Galaxy S20u, Galaxy S20+, Galaxy S20)
  • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Series (Note 10 Lite, Note 10 Plus, Note 10)
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Series (Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy S10 Lite
  • Samsung Galaxy S9 Series (Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • Samsung Galaxy A Series (Galaxy A30, Galaxy A10s, Galaxy A30s, Galaxy A50s, Galaxy A51, Galaxy A71)
  • Galaxy M Series ( Galaxy M31, Galaxy M30s, Galaxy M30, Galaxy M40, Galaxy M20)
  • Samsung Galaxy J6
  • Samsung Galaxy On 6
* (These Devices are Supported on Both Jio and Airtel Network)

* For the complete list of Supported Samsung Devices by the Operators Please visit respective website:
JIO : Jio.com/en-in/jio-wifi-calling
AIRTEL: airtel.in/wifi-calling

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after long time you have come🤗
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missed A50 in the list but its supports vowifi
A50 supports it ..find in jio
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galaxy a 50 s me low network issus
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Everything is good in the phone only one huge disadvantage which overlaps all other good things. The network reception is extremely poor which is basically the primary necessity in a phone. My poco x2 and realme x2 pro gets excellent reception in rural places where network infrastructure is poor but Samsung s10 lite goes completely out of network at the same places. The sad thing is its a hardware problem and Samsung cant rectify it with any updates. 42000 wasted for me and i am extremely disappointed with Samsung.