5 things you should know About VoLTE and VoWiFi

VoLTE and VoWiFi are two technologies which in most cases are launched together by MNO and MVNO. There are standards which are known by market quite a while. However taking momentum since June 15th 2017, when EU Regulation No. 2015/2120 forced mobile operators in European Union to effectively dispense with mobile roaming surcharges for their subscribers roaming within the EU countries. So-called “Roam Like at Home” (RLAH) policy triggered a new wave of IMS deployment covering VoXX (VoLTE and VoWiFi).

VoLTE also named as Voice over long term Evolution is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile devices and data terminals. Voice over LTE are basically voice calls over 4G LTE networks instead of 2G and 3G connections. 4G is considered as the technology being used for video streaming, downloading and web browsing but it can also be used to improve calls.

Voice has traditionally been working on circuit switched (CS) network. Now with CS network gone in LTE, there is no way to do a voice. One solution is that whenever Voice call is initiated/received then the device can fall back on 2G/3G. This is called CS fallback (CSFB). The big disadvantage of CSFB is that the CS core network has to be kept alive and so does 2G/3G network due to the dependency. To get over this issue, VoLTE was defined.

VoLTE uses an additional IMS network. From an LTE network point of view, voice and its associated signaling are just data like any other data (with a higher priority though). The IMS network receives this and manages the control plane (IMS signaling) and user plane (IMS traffic) for voice.

Since LTE is data only network, the networks realized that they can use WiFi for the access network in the same way. Hence VoWiFi usesWiFi for access but the PS network for guaranteeing the quality of service (QoS). VoWiFi also called Voice over Wi-Fi is a term that is used to describe the delivery of telephony services based on Voice over IP technologies from mobile phones connected across Wi-Fi. Voice over Wi-Fi is counter to Voice over LTE in which licensed spectrum mobile network operators are used to carrying packetized voice.

Here are the five things you should know about VoLTE

1. Voice and Data Calls to be managed simultaneously

In old days when you were on a call with a friend and you decided to play some movie along and want to check the listings while remaining on the call. T-Mobile customers were able to this form a long time. However e.g. Sprint and Verizon subscribers had to end call first to switch to the other task. Verizon has launched VoLTE which allows multitasking however Sprint has not yet adopted it.

2. Improved Quality Voice Calls

VoLTE allows high definition voice calling. One cannot measure the high quality of these calls but they have improved a lot when compared to traditional calls which were made via cellular networks. However to make HD voice call one has to use a device that supports VoLTE and an area where 4G LTE services are provided by operators.

3. No Boost in Voice Charges

As HD calling uses data network, there is misconception that the voice minutes will affect the data allotment. It’s not true! Networks are smart enough to determine voice packets, and they don’t lump them into the data application.

4. Every Phone do not support VoLTE

It should be kept in mind that all the devices do not support VoLTE but many does. The new flagship devices of Mobile giants like Samsung, iPhone and Huawei do support it.Many MNO’s globally have adopted VoLTE technology but not all the area are deployed with it. It will take time and slowly but gradually, all areas will be facilitated with this technology.

5. Better battery life

Anyone who currently uses 4G could also find their battery life increased with VoLTE, as without it whenever you make or receive a call your phone has to switch from 4G to 2G or 3G, since 4G calls aren’t supported and then once the call is finished it switches back again. All that switching, plus the need to search for a different signal each time, can give the battery a significant hit.

Five basic things one should know about VoWiFi

1. Calls sound better

VoWiFi provides you with the best user experience as it make the quality of call sound better. With VoWiFi superior call quality, users can have better conversations. For businesses, better call quality will save time for employees and boost their efficiency.

2. No indoor coverage problems with VoWiFi

Sometimes due to weak cellular reception in homes, office etc. many users get frustrated. Poor indoor coverage is the worst nightmare but with the inception of VoWiFi, the problem is solved. VoWiFi facilitates users to make and receive calls reliably even when indoors without having to install new equipment or upgrade their smartphone.

3. Cost Effective

Previously making a call at a roaming was a way to lose most of your credit/money. However with VoWiFi, one can easily save a lot of money while talking to the dear ones. VoWiFi enables free calls from overseas and roaming locations.

4. Non- Cellular Device can also make calls with VoWiFi

VoWiFi enables non-subscriber devices like Wi-Fi tablets to make calls and enables free calls overseas. It’s also inexpensive for operators to augment services inside buildings when macro network signals don’t penetrate well.

5. Universal service

As long as the user has a device which supports VoWifi, the service is universal – it’s not specific to any one operator, but can be used by anyone with a device that supports it and is granted access to the Wi-Fi network

Final verdict

Altogether, the benefits of VoLTE and VoWiFi results to an overall better customer experience for consumers and business users. And when customers have good service experience, they are more likely to stay with their current service provider and tell others about it, which in turn helps service providers reduce churn and attract new customers.

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