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What is MRAM and how does it differ from DRAM?

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MRAM stands for Magnetosensitive Random-Access Memory. As opposed to flash memory / DRAM (Dynamic Random-Access Memory) which stores data as an electric charge, MRAM is a non-volatile solution that uses magnetic storage elements consisting of two ferromagnetic films and a thin barrier to store data.

In practice, MRAM is incredibly fast and can be up to 1,000x faster than eFlash. In part, this is because MRAM doesn’t have to perform an erase cycle before writing new data. It also requires less energy than conventional storage mediums.

On the other hand, MRAM’s biggest weakness lies in its low storage capacity, which is one of the reasons why it occupies a relatively narrow niche on the market rather than hitting mainstream. But with Samsung now reportedly wanting MRAM to succeed in more areas, the technology could soon be used in wearables and other mobile devices.

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