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Samsung has a big name iand trust of customersn this smartphone world . But Samsung is limiting it's users, especially the ones who love photography, I'm saying this because of the so called PRO MODE of our Samsung devices which are PRO MODES just for the sake of name. We don't have a good exposure control and NO SHYTTER SPEED control at all which could have helped to take some really good shots. Apart from this, even if we wish to wish to use some other methods to get some good clicks like by using GCam ports, we are not even allowed for that because we have API support but LIMITED. 
I don't understand why is Samsung doing this, after all, if it provides these supports then it's users will be more happy, Samsung can show off there cameras actual capabilities by getting some really good shots.
And we need these supports for our devices too.
Recently in Flipkart's BBD sale, a lot of Samsung devices were sold amost which A50s was the most sold and now there are even more customers of A50s device as well as other models too
Hope so someone from Samsung is reading this and understands how bounded we consumers feel and listen to us.

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bought a50s on bbd sale it works good but I'm disappointed that there's no shutter speed. hope they'll bring it in future updates
yes.... I too bought this phone in BBD sale, and battery and camera are main concern for me. infact we can't use GCam ports and that's just worse