As the owner of a new Samsung device, you usually get 15GB of free cloud storage in Samsung Cloud – although Verizon customers are excluded from that deal.

You can back up your phone or keep any files that you want in this storage locker. Note that data generated by preloaded Samsung apps such as contacts and calendar as well as data associated with the device itself does not count against the 15GB quota.

Samsung splits the data that can be processed into two groups, as follows…

What can be synced: Calendar, Contacts, Samsung Internet, Samsung Keyboard, S Notes, Samsung Notes, Samsung Pass, Gallery and Reminder.

What can be backed up: Calendar events, contacts on sim card and phone, call logs, clock settings, home screen layouts, apps, settings, messages, music, voice recordings and documents.

Unfortunately, neither WhatsApp messages nor photos are included in this process.

How to save data in Samsung Cloud

To get started, go to cloud and accounts in your device settings, select Samsung Cloud and manage your data immediately. You can check your cloud usage, back up your data, restore it, and sync data across multiple devices except external storage (there’s no support for microSD cards). You will obviously need to create an account or sign in to the service.

Remember that the service is not available on older Samsung devices (older than the Galaxy S6), and that the account is not tied to the smartphone or tablet, but to your ID (or email address). You can access Samsung Cloud storage via a browser at support.samsungcloud.com but you won’t be able to add files – that can only be done via your (Android) phone or tablet.

● You can also append any images,video,audio etc. For that  first you have to open "My Files"applications then as you can see "Samsung Cloud Drive "  is there click the button.



Samsung Cloud is one of the best feature implemented on their smartphone because of this we don't have to worry about loosing Any data like contacts,messages,call history and many more etc. Specifically when you upgrade your old smartphone to new smartphone that time Samsung Cloud helps a lot and also Samsung cloud also saved your data of your old smartphone.
For Example:- In this screenshot you can see i have my old data's of my old smartphone.