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Hello Samsung Team ,
My device is Galaxy M30s
I want to suggest some features that you guys can definitely add up to Ui they are following :-

1. Options for Adding Overlays , Logo options to display while running screen recorder . We can import by downloading it or can build platform from where we can download or upload it for each other .

2. [Optional] Add a more better way for Screenshot that is by Using Fingerprint Sensor like by multiple (3,4,5..) tap it performs some actions .

3. Hide Assistant Menu by double or triple tapping / holding it . It goes in Notification Bar and thereafter you can reactivate it from there or disable it.

4. Manage Size of Assistant Menu options [options like screen off , back , volume, brightness, cursor etc.] .

5. Option For Screen Recording in Landscape or Portrait or Auto Orientation .

6. Option for Customisation of Apps Shortcut like Realme Ui .

7. A more option in screen recorder that when you starts playing game it will start recording automatically after a small pop-up notification .

8. Add An view for data usage in notification bar for daily .

9. Speed Meter for Internet Speed 

10. Inbuilt Compass 

11. Goodlock modules in budget devices

12. Live wallpaper effects like MIUI 12

Till now i have founded these Options that Must be added , if you have any other comment below , we'll make A list of it . 😀
Copy this message and send Samsung Team in feedback for improving . Let's hope that Samsung address our List . 

thank you , myself

Shreyansh Yadav 
YouTube - GamingoWorld
Insta - beast_sy01
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live wallpaper effects like MIUI 12 will be cool
yess , some live wallpaper are available on Samsung too but it'll
be wonderful if they add best options available , IT IS GOOD TO ADD GOOD THINGS FROM OTHER Ui .
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bro if any one feature that you recommend gets in your device then Samsung is great or else I am also asking Samsung for about now an year about goodlock modules in budget devices
let's hope that Samsung See our List and Implement it .
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q8l can 38218
what are you saying I'm unable to understand it