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One UI 6 watch beta version in US

(Topic created on: 06-13-2024 12:40 PM)
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Samsung has initiated the One UI 6 Watch Beta Program for its Galaxy Watch 6 series in the US. This program allows Samsung Watch users to experience the new features and enhancements ahead of the official release.
The first One UI 6 Watch beta version introduces several new features, mainly powered by Galaxy AI. These new features aim to enhance the health monitoring and user experience of the smartwatch.
One UI 6 Watch Beta improves the watch’s usability with new gestures for quick actions, such as answering calls or scrolling through notifications, and enhanced scrolling for faster navigation. Universal gestures have been introduced for immediate actions, and modes automatically adjust the watch’s settings according to your activities.
Additionally, communication is made easier with the ability to save images from messages and quickly access frequently used emojis.
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How can we get it in India?
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When will we get this in India?
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Is this available in India? If yes, how can we download it?