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I think my M30s is not receiving signals properly. In other brand's phone there is 3-4 bars of signal but in my phone it is only 1-2 bars. Is this issue with this phone only or all Samsung phone. After a very long time I started using Samsung mobiles again so help me out if there is any solution or suggestion. 
Thanks in advance. 
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if you r using airtel then i let u know airtel upgrading their tower so it will give u some problem if not then try reset the ph if still problem remain then visit the service center

Hi there,


Kindly follow the mentioned steps to resolve the issue in your device.

1) Check Network mode and set it to Auto Connect. (Settings > Connections> Mobile Network> Network mode> Select LTE/3G/2G auto connect).

2) Search for the Network Manually via following path (Menu> Settings> Connections>More Networks> Mobile Networks> Network Operators> Select Manual Search).

3) Perform the reset network setting (Go to the settings>>general management>>reset>>reset network settings).

4) If still issue persists then we would suggest you to contact your service provider.

For further assistance, kindly visit the nearby Samsung service center for the physical inspection of the device. The address details of Samsung Service Centers are available at our website. Please click on the link mentioned below to get more information:



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