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Myth Busted

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Let's talk straight, 
So let me bust a myth !
Myth : one must keep clearing cache regularly/ periodically 
Nope! Never! You don't need to clear cache of apps manually and that too frequently! 
System automatically manages all! 
You only need to clear cache when either the app is not functioning well i.e. cache not refreshing or database is not refreshing or some error occurred! Sometimes cache of an apps gets large in size but don't worry System will manage it automatically. 

Myth : one must clear cache partition frequently 
Answer: NO! If and only if a serious error or too much issues then only! Because clearing app cache as well as System makes it slow because that app has to regenerate all data and system need to find path to files which are required in cache for System or app running and it takes long time so please don't do so unless required. 

Hope you find it informative 👍 
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