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So I recently  bought samsung M31 and there are some issues  in it 

1) When I try to switch  on data connection  it takes approx  1 minute to get on.

2) There is no wifi calling  feature  in my phone while my friend's  M31 phone has it.


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Restart your device. It might sound simple, but sometimes that's all it takes to fix a bad connection.

If restarting doesn't work, switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data:

Open your Settings app >"Wireless & networks" or "Connections". Depending on your device, these options may be different.

Turn Wi-Fi off and mobile data on, and check to see if there's a difference.

If not, turn mobile data off and Wi-Fi on and see if that works.

Try the troubleshooting steps below.

Fix mobile data problems

First, check that mobile data is turned on and you have a data connection.

Open your Settings app >"Wireless and Networks" or "Connections" > Mobile data or Cellular data. On some devices, you may need to select "Data usage" before you see this.

Turn mobile data on. If it's already on, turn it off and on again.

Check that there is a data indicator (for example, 2G, 3G, 4G, H) next to the signal strength bars at the top of the screen .

Note that sometimes this will not display if you have an active Wi-Fi connection. If this is the case, turn Wi-Fi off and check back.

If you don't see a signal data indicator, you may be in an area without coverage. If you can, move to a different area (for example, go outside) and check your signal again.

Note: If this happens a lot, contact your mobile service provider.

Next, turn airplane mode on and off.

Open your Settings app >"Wireless and Networks" or "Connections" > tap Airplane Mode. Depending on your device, these options may be different.

Turn airplane mode on.

Wait for 10 seconds.

Turn airplane mode off.

Check to see if the connection problems have been solved.

If you still have problems after you complete these steps, contact your mobile service provider.

For Wifi calling it depends on network provider currently Jio and Airtel are providing wifi calling

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For wifi calling you need to have a supported network means you can't just enable wifi calling if your broadband provider doesn't support it.
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open the settings>general management >reset>tap the reset network settings>then restart the device

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