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 1 First Need to update uper panel need to down in bottom its big upgrades for Samsung its need in top then scroll down its feel difficulty then its all in bottom to Easy to use single hand working i know its do Samsung but now do time to different things 

2. More than all better but need to add more font styal already add 5 but more pay to download its 5 more give its font styal free 

3. At starting Samsung use Android not more charging in applications ICONS  styal changes first we use its light color or sade but now not to use its only same type to use its .Samsung need to different styles to launch its styles colorfully shape round, triangle 🔺️ its design depending on user choice thats like to use. Its available on theme design ICONS not good design but I use default but I feel boring about its then display on Samsung more then do better i know its coman running 🏃‍♂️ S series A series M series F series.Different series give different styal 

4.Different series to slim easy to use Samsung all devices near about 8mm thinness Samsung do better its campers Chinese smartphone device not more widely its not feel easy to use i know then do its effects on battery life but 
6 inch display give one model in all series its chosen on customers what thats to like buy. 

Thanks ❤️ Samsung team for give better quality provide to us.  #Innovationlab