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Hello Members!

Our community is a great place to discover new and innovative ideas for our devices and services. 

Innovation lab is a simple way for you to share your ideas directly with our teams.


In week 17 of #Innovationlab, we are requesting you to share your ideas for the following three themes:


1. Galaxy A32 (5G,LTE) / Galaxy A02: Post launch feedback
2. New Galaxy A Series (A02/A12/A32/A42/A52/A72): Launch feedback & competitive VOCs
3. Android Auto: Feedback on ease of installation, usability, application availability and competitiveness


As a Galaxy user, feel free to suggest any improvement, new feature or make a request which you feel will help us improve the devices.

All you need to do is :

  • Create a post detailing your idea/suggestion
  • Include illustrations/diagrams/images or any detail you feel will help us understand it better
  • Include #InnovationLab in your post title/subject

We will go through all your suggestions to bring significant improvements. Week 17 topics will be open till 9th May. Week 18 topics will be announced later.


You can see Week 16 topics here

Looking forward to amazing suggestions from you all! 


Samsung Members team


Disclaimer: "Participation in this campaign is voluntary. The same is being rolled out by Samsung India Electronics Private Limited ("Samsung") for its Samsung Members App users ("you") to know your feedback / suggestions/ views regarding the Samsung products and services. The information shared by you will be used for the internal analysis and future product development only and will be used in accordance with the Samsung Privacy Policy."

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Tech Talk
Good means U want Have any problems?
U won't suggest Any new Solutions to make Samsung Devices Perfect
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You can stop offering camera with such a less operationalities. It frustrates the end user if we can't go for say 20 minute long recording through directors view, why we've paid heavily?

Frustration leads to poor health, mind you.

Your team unable to resolve issue for more than 2 months now, that further adds to frustration. Could you improvise on it as frustration affects health, mind you.

Your CEO does not even acknowledge the communication marked to CEO, that also adds frustration and frustration affects health mind you.

Service center is following false practices, instead of identifying the cause for issues, they end up commenting on dealer, that adds frustration and frustration affects health mind you.

Your technicians only depend on service center who can not even identify the issue which is reflected on the screen of the phone itself, that frustrates more and frustration affects health mind you.

Dealer had already communicated to Samsung officials what was being asked for, and DOA sought by dealer was promised, then to service center denies - adds more frustration and frustration affects health mind you.

Responding takes more time than usual by Samsung due to Corona, but issuing DOA can't be extended due to excessive delay because of Corona from your own side - frustrates more and frustration affects health mind you.

International customer having same issue with same phone got refunded but not Indian - adds to frustration and frustration affects health mind you.

I still can't continue operating camera for more than 30 minutes, it's gives notification and closes down. That frustrates all the more and frustration affects health mind you.

Hope you are able to understand how frustrating it is to continue operating your Galaxy S21 with such an inferior quality and frustration affects health mind you.

I sincerely request you to refund as you are still unable to resolve my query from day 1, more than 2 months now. Delay in refunding takes the frustration to the peak and frustration affects health mind you.

So please stop foolish things and start accepting errors reported by your own smart things, it can lead you to finding solution atleast! Running away from it extends frustration and frustration affects health mind you.

Stop launching new offering instead focus on resolving issues with your previous flagship launches, ignoring issues repetedly repoted across the globe takes frustration beyond limits and frustration affects health mind you.

Developers have launched such a product, without appropriate evaluation, quality check also couldn't identify the same, number of customers faced overheating issue still company sells such a inferior quality product at heavy rates questions your customer friendly policy and society at large - adds up frustration and frustration affects health mind you.

If after reading this, being Samsung associate if you do not escalate it further till resolution / refund takes frustration to harrassment and harrassment also affect health mind you.

Awaiting you sincere revert in it on immediate basis please 🙏🏼





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From what I found from a quick search, samsung devices auto stops a recording once the file hits 4gb memory. Which is a lot. If you're recording in the highest quality, that's like 6 minutes I think. If you want to record longer, tone down on the quality. Or record multiple videos and just paste them all together in post. This is definitely a software based thing and a fix for it will come with a software update only. The thing is, update brings over many many features, not just one so it takes time to build them. Far longer than merely two months. They aren't just working on your problems but all of the member's so it'll take time to get a fix or a setting ready. It also depends on hope many people actually want it. If only a very small portion want it, then it'll be brought slower than features which are highly requested.
I can't really say about service because it depends on area and stuff but my experience has been great overall.
Also, mind you're using a S21, one of the strongest devices with one of the best sets of cameras in the entire smartphone market. If your device overheats, you're doing something wrong mate. It could also be software/ hardware issues but I've seen people record whole hour long raw videos and not get their device heat up badly. Also, no one said they're running away from the problems? Just because there's not an instant fix doesn't mean they're trying to escape those issues. These problems needs time to fix!
There might be a legit heating issue going around, please also make sure you're following proper care like having the latest software, using the proper charger and the cable, keeping checks and overall doing what's necessary to have your better and hardware in optimum state. That'll help it a bit for now till Samsung finds a fix.
Also, in no way would I say they didn't go through quality checks and released an inferior product, it is still one of the best devices out there.
As a last note, sure they are problems in quality of life but they aren't as harmful as you're stating, harrassment? Because the camera auto closes? Sounds like a bit too much.
But I hope you find the appropriate fix for your device, goodluck dude!
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Dear cocoloco

I don't understand what you are saying as you miss understood the complete thing at first, so it hardly makes sense to follow it.

Still let me make it clear that it is understated that the officials really got the idea that phone is faulty one.

I returned it to dealer as dealer also was equally amazed to realise the same. Infact they said, had we aware about, we won't have suggested it. They've twice sent it to service center for replacement / refund.

Now comes the role of service center, instead of acknowledging the problem, they simply gone for some update, later when asked for error logs they excused it's deleted while updated.

Even after their so called activity issue is still as it is. Because they haven't done anything to resolve.

They were and are so so so ignorant that they don't even identify the problem how to expect solutions from these professional staff?

Again and again I reported the issue, it's now 2 months passed still they are still working?

CEO not even acknowledge a single communication addressed. Why you establish the channel when you only do not wish to follow?

DOA was promised by Samsung representative, that's why I took it for the third time to service center. They denied it for excess days, when I already had returned on Day 1. DOA is the documentation between Dealer and Manufacturer, why customer was forcefully dragged into it?

Problem is still as it is.

Whenever I start camera and use advance options, it flashed same error repetitively. Infact I just stopped using camera, storage isn't issue at all, kindly note that please.

Earlier they requested me to send images, so I had to take the phone from service center, as it was complete dead over there.

After that there's lockdown, and I'm still struggling to communicate with **bleep** officer who had asked for asked for it, hope he got what he wanted!

I can't change my house to service center, even that won't help at all. First they need to know the reason for repetitive error, I guess that's not done well.

That's why to stop literally speaking harrassment, I'm not seeking refund only.

They should refund on immediate basis, when they have offered such an interior quality at such a higher price.

There's no point defending, for those who can't even dare to acknowledge that yes smart phone notifies it, can't use camera functionalities smoothly.

Moreover the senior official after 45 days of harrassment wants me to communicate in so called structured way, which he himself couldn't stick to that to on very first instance itself.

They also got odesity to say we will ask our team not to address any of your concerns? Really, that's how you would solve the issue. With such creepy excuses you cannot isolate the concern.

International customer having same issue over same phone, got refunded, why not Indian offered same. Day 1 issue identified and reported.

I now expect your kind self to give clearification for your bold, but sounding baseless, comments please 🙏🏼.
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Ah, I see the issue from your point now and quite honestly, that's bad of Samsung. Also, your first post didn't clarify stuff nicely, sounded like you were attacking all the S21s just because one a minor issue but now I see you got a faulty device. Makes much more sense. Also yeah, the fact they said they won't address any of your concerns is just awful. I don't knod much truth is there in that but it sounds really harsh for you. I'm sorry for you mate, hope it all goes along good.
Also, my comment was baseless and bold from your point, not mine, I didn't have enough info and from what I did have, it really sounded like you were just attacking the S21s.
Have a lovely day/night!
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Dear Cocoloco my sincere concern with your viewpoint.

Full on sympathy, and empathy for your responsive behaviour.

You could understand it quick clear, hope you immediately get into Samsung quality check to resolve prolonged issue on priority.

God bless you!
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I have the same issue with Samsung.

While booking A52 it was showing next day delivery. After payment you get sms saying delivery expected after 6 days and when you call customer care they says complaint registered and will get solved within 7 days.

At first we get annoyed and passed off rest what ever left samsung response will make you **bleep** off.

After delivery you notice charging adapter and headphone missing in sealed.
Instant Cash back offer they give we won't get.
Free Damage protection they offer they don't give.

Any many more issue I have sent mail

When you raise complain no one response.

I have faced this problem and suddenly I notice that complaint closes.

I booked this product on 10th April 2021 till now I am struggling.

I have sent mail to ceo mkt manager care, solution, more than 50 mails I have sent.

But response zero.

Comparing Samsung brand I feel you can trust parking person if u leave car unlocked still you will see your car is safe after couple of hours.

But Samsung cannot be trusted.

Service quality zero.
Customer care zero
Support team zero
Response zero

ticket id is 2015757
ticket id is 1976166
Ticket id is 845668
Order ID 33062587869 

Be was of buying online from Samsung online store.
Better to take from shape still better if u don't take Samsung product