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There has been observed a valid concern among people aiming to buy this accessory regarding application of back piece on tablet back surface. This article is an attempt to address the concern and is in continuation of my previous “Article#3_Galaxy Tab S6 Keyboard Cover_11k worth??


There are many online review videos also that can be summarized in below three scenarios:


#1, User either purchased or got review units, but their way of applying the book cover was not correct.

#2, User used liquid cleaners, chemical wipe on the back metallic surface of tab, also they tried same wipe on the suction tape which further made application worse.

#3, User got a defective unit from Samsung.


Now for scenario #1 & #2; the only fix is to apply the book cover correctly as per below suggested method:

  • Clean the tab back surface with a soft cloth.
  • Remove the thin film from the suction tape and put the back piece on the back surface getting in line with the S-pen location.
  • After that apply gentle pressure on the entire back surface and its done !!

Some blame is on Samsung also to not include a proper instruction manual giving the user an accurate idea on how to apply the book cover.


For #3, the defective unit can be replaced from Samsung by claiming warranty.


Now the question may arise that whether the back piece can be removed multiple times as per requirement?


Well, it can be but it would be tough to remove because of the incredible suction holding capacity of back piece giving very tight grip while holding the tab with either both/single hand/s or when tab is inclined on it while using it as a laptop.

There is no such official update from Samsung that how many times a user can do so.

However the good thing is that accessory comes with 1 year official warranty, so if at all any issues comes, it can be replaced via official Samsung service center.





Disclaimer: The view expressed in the article are user’s own; do not imply any official communication or paid promotion from Samsung. 


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