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Secure folder

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I'm useing Samsung J5 Prime now i got the some problem about Secure folder. Before I was working with secure folder. When i update my phone after that secure folder automatically hide in my phone then i many time try to open but it doesn't open. Plea...

Posted by: arnav3
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i have got s secure , usb backup, social camera n samsung pay how can i get this apps on my j7 pro 2017 edition..

Posted by: hridaya
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Secure Folder

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Can samsung help me Plz help me my data are not out from my secure data why he give the massage security policy restricts why i am seeing this

Posted by: muatafa
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problemas con Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

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En un intento de de compatibilizar mi S7 edge con mirrorlink, leí que otorgándole permisos lograría hacer espejo con el navegador de mi vehículo. esto se debía hacer rooteando mi terminal, cosa que hice y no logre que eso funcionara como corresponde....

Can't use VPN in Secure Folder

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There is a problem in Secure Folder that need to be fixedIf you have VPN application regularly installed and you are connected to VPN If you open regular browser and check for the IP you will find that you are successful hidden behind the VPN But if ...


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my secure folder has been uninstalled from j5 i can install again?plz send link or sites to find out secure folder

Posted by: sadda1
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