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About samsung smart exchange scam

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Akash Anil
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Hello members,
From the samsung online recently buyed a product with smart exchange of my older phone

And the i got assured exchange value of 21200,
After the delivery showed a cashify app link and said me to updates details for payment and after 2 days they will pick up the old phone upto these going fine after this the pickup date was rescheduled and after calling samsung and cashify customer care several times they forwarded the pickup date, 

As of now the pick up agent arrived and carelessly checked my phone and said to me 4000 ruppes for the phone,
I said to him it was not the price samsung said to me he told samsung are getting cheating customers like this,,, it was a shock for me !!!
 And he said call samsung customer care and they will resolve the matter …
Okay firstoff all i know the smart exchange policy
If the phone doesn’t meet the criteria i have given and while checking the phone in pickup the price may be less given!!!
But the agent didnt mentioned any complaints for the phone and called someone and told me this amount it was not applicable and very inappropriate
The phone was not having any complaints for getting only 4000 RS
Agent said to me it was samsung trick for buying products
Like these scaming people it was very disappointing okay
I never think like this,,,you have to give the assured price because i trust your guys words and payed my money  
And treating the customers like this totally disappointing
Now they are saying they cant do nothing, as I cancelled the exchange but it was not like that,,,
it was not cancelled by me the agent told to me to do so to contact the customer care for further and they will take care because i dont know how it really works if he said like so i began to call samsung customer care,,,

samsung is saying it was cancelled by me in that case there is no such methods or links to cancel the exchnage myself and here iam clearly misguided and cheated 

  • How can a someone trust in a situation agent itself told there is scam was going on so valuable samsung customers have to understand my situation 
    because as a customer iam being misinformed and misguided and the cancellation was not done by me and clearly the agent never said any about the problems of my phone in reason of reducing the price and told me we were only giving this amount 

i send my enquiries to cashify team also they said they can reschedule as a new order but won’t be able to offer the samsung offer that i got as bonus when i purchased new phone because samsung has been cancelled the exchange now 

after this all and last email of samsung support they clearly said they can’t do nothing so it was clearly a scam from the samsung as the pick up agent was told to me (cashify -samsung)partner itself told like this👍

so as an customer i got very disappointed with the samsung service and i lost my money , time and my mental health 


so the community members be aware just think twice when you go for a samsung smart exchange,cheating on people like us and playing with people trust ,,,like this should not happen to other customers.



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First time when I did exchange everything was fine. But this year they show exchange but when I give the place name they said exchange cannot apply on your location. Then I sell the phone on olx