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Have you ever called a loved one, after what seems like ages, exchanging stories and laughing at things you've laughed at before, only to have bad network ruin your conversation? How will Airtel Wi-Fi calling benefit me? Wi-Fi calling addresses most concerns that stem from mobile network issues. Here's how it can be a blessing: - You can use your existing phone number – no additional logins or SIM change is necessary. - There is no additional charge for this facility. - You get superior indoor coverage even if you have been having network problems within your office or home. - You get high clarity phone connections since Wi-Fi calling enables HD voice calls. - Wi-Fi calling also has a faster call set up time than VoLTE Airtel Wi-Fi calling, which was first rolled out in December 2019, is currently available on all broadband networks across major circles in India, except J&K. The service is estimated to reach 50 million Wi-Fi capable calling devices by the end of March 2020. Through its consumer-centric approach, the company has once again led the way in offering simple yet effective solutions to a festering problem that millions of smartphone users face in the country. Airtel Wi-Fi calling is bound to make communication quicker and easier. So, go ahead and make that call to your loved one or clinch that business deal. There's no stopping you now! Or perhaps after weeks of trying, you've finally managed to connect with a potential client, but repeated call drops seem to threaten your deal closing. We can all relate to these frustrating situations.    
 Telecom service providers have been taking various steps to reduce the familiar problems of calls drops, not being able to connect at all and the problem of ‘dark zones’ within homes and offices which block connectivity. The industry has responded by stepping up its capacity building exercises, including setting up additional mobile towers and boosters on buildings. However, these persistent problems call for innovative solutions. That's where Airtel has taken the charge and introduced Wi-Fi calling - the first telecom provider in India to do so. And it's set to make 2020 a great year to connect. What is Wi-Fi calling? Also known as Voice over Wi-Fi (VoWifi), Wi-Fi calling simply means you can make voice calls over a Wi-Fi connection. This kind of calling aims to solve indoor coverage issues for those who have access to a Wi-Fi connection at home or in the office. The technology has already been put into service by over 70 operators in 43 countries and is proving to be a breakthrough way to solve call drop and connectivity issues. In India, since the launch of Airtel Wi-Fi calling a few weeks ago, about 1.8 million customers have already started using the service.  How does Airtel Wi-Fi calling work? All you need to enable Airtel Wi-Fi calling is access to a Wi-Fi router with a high-speed internet connection and a Wi-Fi calling enabled smartphone. Currently, 100+ devices from about 16 brands have enabled this feature. This includes multiple devices from Apple, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Samsung, Micromax and more. Once you have updated the latest OS on your smartphone, switch on the Wi-Fi calling feature in 'Settings' and then connect to an available Wi-Fi network in your home or office. You can make calls and send texts just as you would over a cellular connection. For a seamless experience, it is best to enable both - VoLTE (cellular) service and the Wi-Fi calling service on your phone. This will ensure a seamless handover even if the Wi-Fi gets disconnected during a call, and will keep your connection intact. Worried you will need additional requirements for this service? Well, there are none! No separate app, special pack, number or log-in, is required to use Airtel Wi-Fi calling. Your existing plan is capable of supporting this service.
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