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j7 prime

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There is a problem in nogurt update in j7prime . When i lock my phone after some time later . I unlock my phone it starts rebooting . And there is also freezing pronlem in UI Please fix these bugs as soon as possibll

Posted by: ajayr78
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Gear VR 2017 India availability

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Samsung Gear VR 2017 (SM-R324) is still not available in India even after 6 months of it's global launch. If samsung can release premium phones like S8, S8+ in India then why can't they provide accessories? I tried to contact many Samsung stores in D...

Only Relevant Stuff please

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Dear Samsung, Please develop some mechanism, so that if a particular question is asked more than some predefined number of times, it finds a place in FAQ and further repetitive posts cannot be posted. Since last few days I have encountered thousands ...

Galaxy Tab s 8.4 T705 Lte

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Hi,newbie here.My device isn't rooted.Yesterday, I downloaded Marshmallow update 6.0.1.At 43%,I started the update.I thought it will complete in kniw,the logo and all came.I watched it updating till 85% then got on with my work.Then,I felt a...

Posted by: Archana
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update for c9 pro

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samsung ki Maa ki aakh Series A .J. S ko nought update de diya . Kya samsung C series wale faltoo hai kya?kyu na samsung boycotts kar de. Mai to mere sabhi frienz batki samsung no.1 faltoo company hai mobile kharidi na kare yehi mera nivedan hai.GN

Posted by: naser
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Samsung Level Bluetooth headphones

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At service centre your support are requesting box for headphones even I am having warranty and invoice copies...I am asking one question ...what is the value of invoice then....more value you are providing for boxing.if it's important then please pro...

android oreo device list with dates

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check the dates of oreo release to your device below.whose devices are not listed dont worry they will be uploaded soon.i can upload only 10 photos but i had 12 so i will give details of another 2 devices instead of photos.these are not 100% sure it ...