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My life revolves around the galaxy devices and it is always like from the start. I have been using Samsung from start. My first phone was Samsung S2. Years after years I upgraded myself like Samsung did. And when it first launched its galaxy smartwatch I bought that immediately, so may be I am one of the oldest galaxy ecosystem user. Then later it got updates and new features were added which made the ecosystem more reliable and I was able depend more on that. With time I bought many Samsung gadgets from tabs to home appliances and I control each and every of my Samsung gadgets through the galaxy ecosystem. Currently I run my ecosystem with S10e, galaxy watch active, buds and tab S5e and other additional home aplliances. It is good, it is really good. I am ablle to manage alot of my research data, designs and my other stuff over these gadgets in a well-structured manner. And easy access is another good point of this. So keep going galaxy. Good Job.