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The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is at its peak and measures to stop the widespread, are also being implemented by the Indian Government. However, the second wave that just popped out is way stronger than the first one, making it the authorities difficult to handle.

In April 2020, Samsung had contributed INR 20 crore to India’s fight against the pandemic. This included a donation to the Central government and support to the local administration in Noida by thousands of preventive masks and Personal Preventive Equipment (PPE) kits.

Continuing support, Samsung now donating USD 5 million (INR 37 Crores) to fight against the current surge of Covid-19. Moreover, donations are granted to central/state governments to encourage the healthcare sector with essential medical equipment for hospitals, as per the citizenship initiatives.

The decision has been taken after due consultations with various stakeholders in India while looking at the critical needs of local administrations. Therefore, Samsung will donate USD 3 million to the Centre as well as to the states of Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, where the virus spread is quite eminent.

In addition, to help the healthcare system that has been strained over the last few weeks, Samsung will also be providing medical supplies worth USD 2 million including 100 Oxygen Concentrators, 3,000 Oxygen Cylinders, and one million LDS (Low Dead Space) syringes. At the same time, it also supporting the manufacturers of LDC syringes which reduces the amount of drug left in the device after injection.