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I just passed class 12 and so i need internet a lot to know when college form are out etc and now the most problematic case is the internet issue at night specially in jio.

There's a lot of YouTube videos available claiming that changing Apn would help to increase speed but it doesn't works even a single time

Now my words if you are using jio and having low speed just call ( noemal voice call ) to any other person at the same time till you are in call the speed would reach about 1 mbps* while normal speed is 400 kbps 

I experienced it in real life and its not a trick and i am using the same thing for last 2 days so its not **bleep** at all its really working 

Dont believe my words then please give a try and share your experience 

This may not work all time but atleast at night its it's worked perfectly please give a try. 

* depending upon server speed i used unacadamy to download some chemistry lectures and then my friend call me and i really saw speed increases then and after disconnecting the call its 400 kbps again 
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