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Chrome Duet 

On Android, Google has been experimenting with a “Duet” interface for a few years now, which places most of the options like tabs, search, home, and the options menu at the bottom of the screen instead of the top.


This feature’s not for everyone, but if you want to try it, then search for “Chrome Duet” in Chrome flags.

Dark Mode


In order to reduce strain on your eyes, you should definitely consider turning on the Dark mode on your Android device.

Enabling Force Dark Mode for Web Contents flags to get a completely dark theme .

Make sure to enable all the above-mentioned flags, otherwise, you might end up getting only a partial dark mode on the desired platform.

Password Leak Detection


Chrome will alert you if your password has been leaked in any major security breach. It will immensely help you safeguard your data on the internet. So look for “password leak detection” and enable it right away.

Close tabs more quickly

If you want to close your current tab without opening the tab overview first, there's a slightly quicker method. Hold down on the tabs button for a second, and a menu will appear with an option to close the current tab.


Preview Links Before Actually Opening Them

Many a time you might have come across a link of which you might not be sure whether is it of any significance or not. This is because there exist many click-bait articles with catchy titles but actually, they hold some completely different contents, which might not be of much use to you. But opening that link is the only way to check out what the page actually holds.

Enable Reader Mode


While Safari has an excellent Reader Mode, we do not have such a feature on Google Chrome. However, there is a hidden Chrome flag that lets you enable Reader mode on Chrome. You get a barebone reader mode which simplifies the web page and  removes unnecessary ads. Sure, it’s not as good as Safari’s Reader Mode, but it does work.

Google Lens 


Google Lens integration has finally arrived on Chrome. However, it’s still hidden behind a flag. To enable it, search for “Lens” and enable “Google Lens powered image search in the context menu” flag. Now, you can reverse search images with Google Lens while browsing the web in just one tap.

Tab Grid and Tab Groups


Chrome developers have been working on a tab grouping feature for a long time and it’s finally here. You can search for “Tab Groups” in Chrome Flags and enable all three flags. After that, search for “Tab Grid Layout” and enable it. Now, once you open a website in a new tab, tap the tab switcher icon, and tap on the “+” icon that appears on top. This will create a tab group and you can continue to add and open websites inside this group. Also, you will see a tab grid layout instead of the horizontal layout on the tabs page.

Experimental QUIC protocol

QUIC protocol is a new connection protocol created by Google that is still under development. QUIC is supposed to be a mixture of TCP and UDP protocols that is much faster and more secure at the same time. Usually when we are on a TCP or UDP connection, it takes multiple trips to the server before a connection is stable (which takes time) and ready to exchange data. QUIC protocol’s main goal is to only make a single trip to create a connection and start the data exchange process, thus increasing the overall browsing and data exchange speed.

Type      chrome://flags     in the Chrome address bar and hit Enter

Other flags i remember

(May or may not work)

#automatic-password-generation - when chrome detects you are on a sign up page, it offers to generate a 12-20 character password.

#enable-downloads-location-change - Doesn't do much except letting you change download folder from internal->download to sd card->data->>download. But with this turned on you will get a popup everytime you download anything and also the size of file.


#download-home-v2 - a better looking download page.

#enable-omnibox-voice-search-always-visible - as the name suggests.


#enable-query-in-omnibox - when you do a search, you can easily change search query, there's no url.

#enable-horizontal-tab-switcher - switch tabs swiping horizontally and close by flicking up or down.


#autofill-keyboard-accessory-view - instead of popup auto fill suggestions would apper like text prediction on the top of keyboard. 

#password-search - as the name suggests.

#passwords-keyboard-accessory - fill password popup as prediction on keyboard. 

Omnibox-display-title-for-current-url - the name of some webpages are shown.

#enable-md-incognito-ntp - as the name suggests

#PasswordImport - you can import passwords in chrome if you have them in csv format.

#Parallel downloading - as the name suggests

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that's why i said content dark mode.

it makes web site background to dark colour..

thanks for the comment brother 👍
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Google is late with this, they should've been among the first. Samsung Internet has already got Dark Mode years back that applies all the websites..
yep.... Samsung also has plugins other than above few