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1 great camera features that is pro mode video recording,  slide to zoom with  shutter button 
2 single tap mode 
3 tap heart rate rejection 
4 edge lightning durring music player and calls 
5 better battery optimisation 
6 performance mode styles 
7 best camera quality even without night mode 
8 hiding navigation button 
9 color changing navigation button 
10 ar emoji was well optimized 
11 Bixby 1.0  great 
12 Bixby button completely disabled button 
13  coloring the ui was easy 
14 fun to use the experience ui 
These feature were great in oreo android 
Pie android with one ui 
1 easy for one handed operation 
2. Gesture navigation was clunky 
3 no pro mode video 
4 no digital wellbeing 
5 no single tap mode 
6 night mode was available to some apps 
7 night mode introduced 
8 camera quality was way more degraded 
9 animation was very clunky 
10 good lock helped a lot for customizing the ui 
11 slide to zoom is no longer present 
12 over all this one ui 1.0 is still great but lack of features given me disappointment 
13 super slow motion feature did have 2 switching styles one is 960 fps for .2 seconds and .4 seconds at fps of 480 , and 120 fps video is also available 
14 Bixby become useless 
15 although button customization is also available so I changed it for launching camera 
16 scene optimizer introduced, 
17  flaw detector introduced 
18 recycle bin was introduced for gallery app 
19 dex mode can be done with hdmi cable no need for the dex pad for that 
20 battery optimization became very bad
21 bixby vision and reminder improved a lot in this 
22 over all the ui was fresh and clean look I really like one ui it did changed my was of using my device 
But dissatisfaction came with removal of features 
23 dual audio enhanced a lot both in sound and bass 
24 speakers sounding great 
25  keyboard can be touched with the bottom bezel 
26 lift to wake 
27 night mode on camera 
This was android 9 with one ui 1.0 
Android q one ui 2.0
1 visible changes is impressive 
2 camera quality improved a lot 
3  all camera modes integrated on the grid that is way better 
4 sence optimisation  improved a lot 
5 night mode for both front and back with the ability to zoom in or out 
later removed 
6 call pop up minimizes further 
7 digital wellbeing and focus mode and wind down mode is awesome 
8 new dex mode with single usb cable what to say about it  now I have the ability to do both wireless dex and wired dex but unfortunately I prefer the wireless one 
9 sound is little bit degraded I hope stable will solve this 
10 app timer is also use full 
11 gesture navigation this one is my favorite what a smoothnes this gesture navigation ability to switch different apps like pure iOS  is wonderful 
12 as above mention those removed features there is further removal of features is the button grid they removed it 
13 dark mode for all apps now available except the what's app🤬🤬🤬 ( this was on beta program ) 
Now things are changed  dark mode available 
14 Bixby vision further enchants with make up setting girls will like this the lens has all integrated features as before there was several lens to choose now it is integrated in one the vision will determine the things automatically like the sence optmisaer 
15 aesthetics changes like the noti bar changes 
16 100 wallpaper for home screen 
17 dynamic lock screen 
18 dark mode for wallpaper 
19 media and devices replaces the setting of dual audio feature 
20 volume panel is still on top 🤬
Volume panel can be adjusted though sound assistance app
21 further the hardpress vibration is no longer supported only on off screen it is supported 
23  focus mode is use full
24 dnd dont not disturbed changed with three mode 1 until I turn off,  dnd with duration and turn on as scheduled 
25 wind down mode is really helpful 
26 sensors off except fingerprint and hard pressed reset all sensors are off while enabling it 
27 location access only when app is used 
28 revoking permission is very easy 
29 rotation of screen has gone in another level now every corner 
30  video editor from note 10 added 
31 now there is ar doodle feature in gallery app 
32 trash feature for every files app like contacts,  files 
33 reminder now have the feature to stick on aod 
34 icons can be changed through developer option 
35 native screen recorder added 
36 dual audio moved in media and devices 
37 adaptive power saving added 
38 cursor control through holding the space key 
39  media volume limit setting through bluetooth 
40 battery optimisation fixed 
41 one handed operation is easy to do
42 assistant launched through side of the edge 
43 android auto preloaded 
44 enter biometric in app  has been increased security with confirmation pin password etc before entering any details through apps like Samsung pass 
45  tips and tricks added on setting and device care
46 callender now supports stickers 
47 now you can adjust the snooze notifications options off or on depending upon your preferences 
48 lock screen shortcuts has new setting 
49 zoom slider introduced with different level now there is button zooming option available 
50 Bixby routines and quick share is available you can side load them
Over all android q is the fix to android pie 
These all are changes in oreo to pie to q 
2.1 one ui
All the above features 
1 quick share 
2 pro mode video 
3 single take 
4 screen zoom 
5 having dex with Bixby routines 
6 digital wellbeing enhanced 
7 advance night mode 
8 supper slow motion at 960 fps is on .4 second it has been extended from last two years 
this is for the s10 onwards devices not for s9 or note 9


1 the ios have vast majority of ecosystem 
2 air drop  features that allows me send and view data that through my iphone to I pad to laptop to mac pc that is can see every data and send data through air drop 
3 camera feature are the same as above slight differences  pro mode video editing offers me to adjust exposure value, aperture etc with some effects of black or white etc 
4 smart charging that is the iphone charges the phone till 80 percent then the ai tells it to stop the battery charging is turn off , until the time of wake up the battery remains to 80 percent when the time comes to wake up the iPhone e charges the remaining percentage in that way I can prevent short circuit and overheating and Loss of battery life 
5 slow mo is on but front and back with 240 fps 
6 3d face Id  which has ir camera, depth camera,  tof camera,  infrared dot projector which also helps in at emoji feature of the iphone that is it very accurate while moving faces unlike the ar emoji feature of Samsung 
7 controlling laptop security with iphone a brilliant idea this just not only offers me to communicate with my laptop or pc it also allows me to get calls on laptop when my phone is on charging deck or away from my laptop or pc the feature called hand off and face time this allows me to get connected with my contacts without any hassle of picking up my phone very handy feature to avoid phone drops on a surface I can chat over video calls do video calls or even talk in normal phone calls isn't that great 
8 files and computer controlling this allows my iphone to control my laptop and mac pc even when they are put to sleep also the my phone can also be used to find laptop last location  or vice versa 
Files and security can be controlled of security also that is can lock or unlock any files on laptop even when it's on sleep , when the laptop is open the file will be already locked as soon as I unlock my laptop or mac pc 
9 siri  shortcuts just like Bixby routines and good lock routines 
10 all the above features are here on the iphone except 
100 wallpaper,  dynamic wallpaper 
Basically lack customization 
11 true dark mode you have seen in android what's there is always grey but in the iPhone what's the there is true tone dark mode that is full black and white unlike what's android which grey 
More over the when I switch to dark on android there is slight difference on wallpaper as well 
12 3d touch is just like android long press shortcuts 
13 keyboard have hidden shortcuts unlike android which purely visual 
14 native AppLock for all the apps and settings unlike samsung flagship that always lacks the app lock 
15 night mode is hidden in the camera
16 slide to zoom 
17 camera and software is well optimized unlike the android
18 battery optimisation is great 
19 no thermal throttling 
I will update this post further 
This post is not final I will update this post further to give you full understanding of one ui , experience ui and ios what it has offered to me 
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bhai tune to poori history e likh daali😅
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bhai ye likhna hi tha taki app logo ko one ui ios or exprience ui ke bare mien pata rahe 

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Active Level 8
bhai kitna time laga tume yeh sab type karne mein...
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purne post se copy paste kiya hai sirf one ui 2.1 wala point new or ios wala new has bas baki mene phecle sala ka copy paste mara hai 

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ios mie har saal feature ate rahte hain toh ios ki highlighted features ke bare mien likha abhi bhut sara hai deep inside of ios Andriod lake hai but ios samundar hai isko explore karna asan nahi hota hai 

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Good work bhai.... itna sabkuch Samsung nee bhi nahi lekha hoga...
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yeh sab ek user hi discover kar sakta hai samsung kya info dega 

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fab post bro 👍