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Trade In Program Benefits!

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Hello Members, I wanted to share with you my first ever Samsung Trade-In Experience.

I don’t know honestly how long it has been available exactly, but I have seen it for the past couple of years. I usually keep or give away my old devices but for the first time ever this year, I applied for it to trade in my Note 20 Ultra 512GB 4G.

My trade in finally happened after almost 1 month and a half!

The journey was not that pleasant, but the reward was awesome!

I have received my new device end of February, and waited for a week to start following up. Took me 5 calls to Samsung Call Center! The agents were always helpful, but nothing honestly was done, everyone says i will escalate and call you back, but never heard back from anyone. I even sent 2 emails to Cartlow, the company that picks up the device, and called them twice, to finally get it done. Reasons of delay were:

  1. Order not marked complete by Samsung, because there were items not yet delivered(Wireless Charger)
  2. As per Jeebly(3rd Party Courier) Cartlow did not receive money from Samsung.
  3. Bad followup from Samsung Team(I had to do everything and call people and chase them)

How Does It Work?:

  • You place a purchase Order on the Samsung Website.
  • You apply upon check out or after it for the Trade In Program.
  • You enter your details, and the details of the device you have.
  • You enter the Order Number from Samsung containing the device you bought.
  • You enter the self-assessment (grading your own device)
  • Grading is in 3 levels, A, B and C.
  • A – is no Scratches or Cracks, Working device.
  • B- is Minor Scratches or Cracks, Working Device.
  • C- is Major Scratches or Cracks, Probably Not Working Device.
  • Each grade pays a certain amount.
  • This year the amount was for Grade A 1900AED, and Samsung Added 450 AED as a gesture.
  • Once you submit, you receive an email from a 3rd party company that will handle the Trade In.
  • You receive a follow-up Email later to confirm the visit.
  • You receive a call prior to the visit.
  • You get a visit at your Specified Address, the device gets assessed to see if it matches your self-assessed Grade.
  • You get paid in Cash.


I got 2350AED! In Cash! That’s right! Hassan from Cartlow was very nice and helpful, shout out to him!

I couldn’t believe honestly, the reason for that is just like the previous posts I posted here about device protection, I keep my device in a Dbrand Skin, a Clear Cover and with a Tempered Glass screen protector. After almost 2 years of use, it was still intact, it still has 4 months of Samsung Care+ and I got an amazing Trade-In Price.

I paid 5500AED for the S22 Ultra, and by subtracting 2350AED, it brought down the cost to 3150AED.

If you want to factor in the free items I got also which were worth around 1050AED (734AED for accessories + 1 additional year of Samsung Care+ and the Free fast wireless charger) that’s 2100AED of total Cost for the S22 Ultra!

Is It Worth It?:

My advice, always buy from the online website, and regardless of your device’s state, opt for the Trade-In program, it pays well, great initiative for the loyal customers, and a great way to keep on coming back and buy.

The Trade-In program also applies on other devices, I will upgrade my Samsung 65” QLED TV now and also enroll in the Trade-In so they can collect my old TV and get paid for It.

Great Program! Definitely Recommended!

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Thanks for sharing! 

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I did my trade ( Note 20 ultra 256GB 4G) from the actual Samsung shop. Got 1,870 AED voucher. I can say it still a good deal. Unfortunately, the additional 1 year Samsung care is finished. Instead, the freebies were the galaxy buds worth 734 aed and Microsoft Office for 1 year worth 299 aed,slim wireless charger worth 75 aed and anti fog cleaning cloth worth 46 aed
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It's always better than nothing, and the payout is great for a 256GB device! I always opt for 2 years samsung care+ although the device is changed yearly, this way whoever i gift it to has 1 extra year :D. But he said it won't affect the payout, warranty or not doesn't matter to them, it has to be scratchless and working. Thanks for sharing.
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Another great perk when buying online you get a decent reward points which you can use for future products you want to buy 👍for example for Galaxy Buds Pro instead of 499AED I paid only 194AED using Samsung Rewards points and first order voucher 😎
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I did not know about the first order voucher. Thanks for the tip. I might use it to buy ️ 🤭
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Thanks for sharing your experience