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Samsung S24 Ultra Charging Issue

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So around 1 month ago, me and my colleague bought 2 Samsung s24 ultra 512 gb's and ever since then, i am getting issues with the phone and luckily his phone is working perfectly fine.

I searched the issues online and saw that others are facing the same issues as well so its a known fault. 

The issues I am facing is:

1. Charger connects and is charging, but stops somewhere halfway, or charges normally sometimes.

2. Sometimes the charger wont even connect, no matter what i do. And sometimes it will connect on one side, and if i rotate the pin and put it in again, it wont charge. (This issue goes away sometimes if i restart the phone).

3. Randomly i would see USB Connected and USB disconnected msg popup in a loop continuously until i restart the phone and the issue goes away.

4. Sometimes the wireless charger has issues as well, like it would connect and then disconnect in a loop until I restart the phone and then it works back to normal.

5. Battery isnt that great, sometimes it would hold its charge throughout the day, and sometimes it would loose it rapidly. Like taking it off the charger and battery dropping 2 3 levels in 5-10 mins. 


I am completely fed-up of this phone, this is the first time I have faced anything like this in a brand new phone, especially that too in a Samsung. I spoke with the WhatsApp support and they told me to take it to a repair center, but I am scared as i don't want my new phone to be opened up and repaired. Like why would I, i spent soo much on the phone and now in 1 month i have to get it repaired? 

As for people who would say change the charger, when this problem occurs, i have tested all chargers in my house, nothing works. And those same chargers are working normally in other phones. Also I've been using original Samsung 45w chargers which were purchased from Samsung directly. But still i bought another original charger again to test out that theory, but still the same. (1 charger from Samsung store physically, and 1 from Samsung store online).

Please let me know what my options are and if anyone else has faced something similar. 


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We acknowledge your query and apologize for the same. We request you to kindly visit the service center for a physical inspection of your device. You can locate your nearest service center with this given link:  https://www.samsung.com/ae/support/service-center/