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I am writing this as a samsung user for a long time ..i have used various samsung phones like S8 and now S20 Plus Exynos 990 .Well to begin with Why Samsung India is selling inferior chipsets in comparison snapdragon 865 which are sold in USA, China & South Korea(home market for samsung chipset division) if various reputable articles & videos available for comparison of chipsets are true?..Even South Korean market gets Snapdragon 865 S20 series this time..for reference there are various videos on internet which claim Exynos 990 is inferior to Snapdragon 865 in same Model s20 phone...for example the initial reviews usually come from USA where Snapdragon865 S20 series is present(depending on where it launched first) and users assume performance to be same for exynos 990 s20 where on your Samsung India website is listed a Real life performance test showing difference of both chipsets... A small video would be helpful for all issue 1.less customer  transparency (on various social media platforms handled by samsung) Regarding both chipsets performance,battery,camera difference.. between pre-orders and availability of Exynos 990 Powered or Snapdragon865 S20 Series..Issue Number 2. is that the device loses battery barely giving juice for it to be considered a flagship device. 3. It heats up while using normal applications like Chrome etc & I don't game much i might in future never know(dont know if error is fixed or not in update) I assume in gaming it will heat more .. 4. Network Signal goes blank at times to emergency call whereas my second phone from competitors brand doesn't loose signal much frequently for the time i observed, same issue was with samsung S8.. 5. 120hz refresh rate feature is battery draining too fast .whats the point of such highlighted feature?...kindly don't ask me SOT as I don't keep an eye on it... 6. I may be wrong but front camera shooter images are average quality not flagship level.. 7. Unnecessary apps like samsung shop & facebook etc which cannot be uninstalled 8.Why should i wait for i don't know how many months of software updates to fix errors ?
Why a consumer in India should pay a handsome amount almost similar to consumer in USA or South Korea (i understand 5g Model may be around 10000rs expensive) gets Snapdragon 865 and while we get Exynos 990 in India? ...keep your exynos 990 to South Korean home markets if it performs fine for your marketing team & your think tank for samsung who so ever decides Regarding chipset to be allocated to a flagship phone...I might not recommend Samsung S line flagship in future..till competing chipsets Snapdragon or exynos give same experience to consumers across the globe !
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Dear Samsung after watching various videos and articles i as consumer see that chipset in my device is inferior in performance,battery,heat management as compared to Snapdragon 865 that is used in few other countries like USA or South Korea so i assume it's the chipset Exynos 990 used an issue can you resolve that issue from the device, are you replacing Snapdragon 865 chipset in S20+ phone for Indian consumers so they get equal performance to the samsung consumer for example in Usa or South Korea?