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Iam facing strange issue with apps like cred and google pay.If i lock my phone settings with 3rd party app like applock i am not able to open google pay or cred. These apps will just show the lockscreen fr a while and just close. If i dont lock the phone settings . I am able to open these apps. Similar issue comes if i use a third party launcher. I am using galaxy s10+ with android 10 one ui 2 . Dont know its issue of one ui or these apps. Very frustrated because of this. Anyone else facing the same issue?
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Hi there,


As per your concern, if you are using third party app lock to lock apps kindly contact with the application provider or developer. 

However, if you want to lock apps kindly once check by downloading s secure app from the Galaxy store in your device.

For further assistance, register your concern in Samsung members app (Open Samsung members app>click on “+“icon>send feedback>Error report/ Ask Questions).


Team Samsung Members