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How To Instantly Crop An Image Using AI - S Series / Android 13 / OneUI 5.1

(Topic created on: 02-09-2023 07:47 PM)
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A new cool & nice feature was introduced, that might be helpful and beneficial for you, save you time and the need to manually crop an object from a photo by using the editor, is by just pressing on and holding the image! 

You can do that by simply opening the gallery, then using the S-pen or finger, press on and hold an open image , and the AI will determine the edges and instantly crop the selected area and give you 3 options: 

1- Copy, to paste it anywhere you want, like an email, a chat window, etc. 
2- Share, to instantly share it. 
3- Save as, to save it as a separate photo. 

The below video illustrates how easy it is. 

In many instances, the AI might not determine what to crop and you'll receive a notification about that. I'm pretty sure this feature is a work in progress and will be improved in the future. 

Hope this is beneficial for you. 

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Very cool and detailed! Thanks for sharing this feature 💙

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Thank you for sharing this
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Not sure If I am doing something wrong but my S23 Ultra does not do that. Nothing happens when I tap and hold on an image using the Samsung Gallery App.