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My most sought after feature requests. Thanks to immi007 for his thread and core idea. I will post in Samsung feedback as well.

Feature Request-1
A notification sound when the phone is completely charged.

Feature Request-2
Custom finger print unlock animations

Feature Request-3
Notification icons in color

Feature Request-4
Custom icons or changeable system notifications like battery, signal icons etc. Colorful and replaceable icons make more interesting than those boring dull mono icons

Feature Request-5
Realtime weather wallpaper..Why not know about the weather in my location just by glancing at the screen instead of going and opening an app?

Feature Request-6
Colored battery levels. Green if it is above 50%, Yellow if it is above 10% and less than 50% and red color if less than 10%. This color coding is already available in my 14 year old Sony Ericsson phone. Why not in my favourite samsung phone?

Feature Request-7
Choice of choosing stock apps while configuring the phone. Such an option will help users choose only the apps they are interested to use.

Feature Request-8
Include a hardware section in the About phone. This helps in quickly finding out what is the phone hardware.

Feature Request-9
Date and Time imprint on photos. Provide an option to imprint Date and time on photos when a photo is taken using camera. Not through a sticker.

Feature Request-10
Themes for messages app. Why not more themes for messages app? Why not the image or logo of the sender against the message?