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Burnt S24 Ultra Spen

(Topic created on: 04-21-2024 04:36 PM)
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 Hi there,

I bought my Samsung S24 Ultra at a Samsung store last week Thursday. I charged it up with an original Samsung fast charger during the night and noticed it got quite warm. The next morning I tried to use the SPen and felt it come out with difficulty from it's dock and when it did eventually come out it was burnt (see image) and smelt like burnt plastic. My SPen now has this permanent damage which will get worse and who knows what other components in the phone have been burnt or damaged as the phone is just 4 days old. 

This could be a safety risk not just for the phone but also for us as users. The peace of mind, of spending one's money on such a flagship phone, that I've been using for years mind you, has been compromised. I hope Samsung can quickly resolve this matter and replace these phones via a recall asap. 

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You are still under warranty, this is mot right,samsung should fix this
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There has been complaints about the S Pen smelling like burnt plastic and that's because while the phone is in use(or in your case charging) obviously the phone will heat up which increases the smell of burning plastic but people are still able to use their stylus with no problems.

In your case you have to take it back and let them have a look at it, hopefully they will exchange it with a new one.