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Bought galaxy s22

(Topic created on: 06-21-2022 02:55 PM)
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Bought the new galaxy s22 256gb, faced alot of issues
1. Transfer data to the new phone smart switch, I restated the transfer like aprox times and still what app didn't transfer don't know why
2. Battery was a challenge to keep it more thane 50 % when transferring 
3. Till today I can't send a video I took by what's app 😅 no use 
4. I tried contacting the Samsung service center omg it's a challenge to contact and reach them 
5. Microphone seems to shut down when it feels like it 
Iv been a customer of Samsung since galaxy note 1 till today but it seems my journey is getting to an end with alot of flag ships coming out with a cheaper price tag and more options 
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Thats good as you didn't face the camera issue 🤣
Since I bought the phone around one month it worked only like 10 days the rest of those days it's didn't work at all
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For assistance, please visit one of our authorized Service Centres to check it for you. You may refer to the link it will guide you to the nearest service centre to your location https://www.samsung.com/ae/support/service-center/

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Transferring data with smart switch is the most convenient method. Wired transfer is faster but you do need to charge both devices earlier. There is also an option for wireless transfer.

You probably cannot send a video because you did not give permission to the app to access your storage.
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Keep in mind that not all apps can be transfered with their data

Games can only transfer obb files .data will not be

Transferring your apps does not mean Transferring permissions along

So you'll have to click on apps icon choose app info then go to permissions
And allow whatever you want