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HEIC Format photos

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Issue:Whenever you send a photo in 'heic' format on telegram or whatsapp, the photo gets rotated to right. I raised a concern with samsung but their simple reply was to update whatsapp to latest version. Im already on latest version and this issue st...

Built in Call Recorder Lags

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The call recorder built in the phone app creates a delay of 2-3 seconds when I cut the call with auto recording on. After I press the red button it just freezes for 2 seconds and then the call cuts, Provided that I spent a thousand bucks on this devi...

Posted by: TheSM
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Need help regarding files

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Hi, I have observed too many large size files as shown in the screen shot residing in my cell phone memory. What do these files mean? What will happen if I delete these files?

Posted by: ASUDE
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Battery Drains.

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Hello Friends. I have purchased Note 10 last week.And i was so shocked for the Battery Problem i am facing. This is my second Note 10.The first one was in bill, some 5 months back from today.And was left with samsung service center for approx 25 days...

note20 ultra features we need

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1. 3.5mm headphone Jack2. Snapdragon 865+ india 3. Android 11 4. Separate Bigger SPen as a accessory 5. Bigger battles for 120hz native support5. Faster one Ui, so we don't need to turn on reduce animations 6. Uninstall FacebookSupport this guys and ...