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Note 10+ camera bug

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Does anyone else having issue.when taking pic using main cameras with FLASH ON?.It simply doesnt work. it saves just black image. need update. me and 1 of my friend having this issue.

One Ui 2.0 fixing & need to improve stuff

Posted in: Galaxy Note

- wifi signal bar showing only 1 bar where it used to show 2 bars In one Ui 1.5. Also download speed is reduced. - settings> account icon in top right> apps and services> Samsung apps> apps that you have used. It shows Samsung apps that I am using bu...

One Ui 2.0 beta settings (ones I like)

Posted in: Galaxy Note

Hello guys, Settings I like a lot....a lot. - connections>wifi>3 dots>advance> wifi power saving mode- love that ring volume is so loud that I can hear it in a loud party. - digging new edge notification lighting effects- night mode changed Into dark...