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Respected Authority,

I am Samsung's customer from last 14 years. I've been using samsung mobiles from Samsung E900, Galaxy Y, Galaxy S2, and last year in 2019 in April I bought a brand new Galaxy Note 8. 
I bought this phone on 21st April 2019. After that I was using this phone in a normal amount. Suddenly on the night of 9th October, while surfing Instagram my whole screen of my Galaxy note 8 got black. Then I submitted my device to Samsung Service center near my home. They said It's display is gone. You have to change it.
Without having a single scratch on my device or any kind of physical damage my phone gets damaged ? Samsung Galaxy note 8? The flagship from Samsung? Not expected at all. Premium phone couldn't hold it's display for 18 months
Then I contacted the company and the company person said your phone is out of warranty so we can't do the repair you have to bear all costs or maybe they can give some discounts regarding the service. They do not understand that it is not the matter of negotiation. Phone is in excellent condition. It might have happened because Samsung handed over me the faulty premium device.
Sir/Madam I am a simple lower middle class college student who worked hard all his college life doing internships and paid my 1 years whole of stipend on buying that phone. Working 1 year hard to collect 40 thousand rupees and to buy a phone just for 1.5 years? is it justified ?  Company people are negotiating me on the costs, but I am not able to pay any hefty amount for the part. All I require is a Samsung Note 8 display from the company. I don't care if it's used or it is new, but I want my phone repaired. It is about a customer like me who has been loyal to Samsung mobiles for the last 14 years.  Samsung Company has a very good reputation in India and I wish no customer should experience treatment like me. I need to tell this problem to the higher authority because people from customer service are taking too long and just keeping me roaming around. Also I would like to tell you that if my query does not get resolved, my family, my friends and many people from my area will lose their trust on Samsung mobiles. Do i really deserve this after buying a Galaxy Note premium smartphone?
I apologize If I would have been rude in the above email.
Your Sincerely,
Sangram Shyam Nangare
Contact : +917350370282